Sunday, 28 December 2008

your only young once - DONT FUCK IT UP!

i love being young, adore it, i cant imagine ever being out of my teens. its a scary thought. wearing doing saying whatever you want are my favourite things about being young. nobody can criticise you for doing things wrong, because hey your young you need to make mistakes in order to learn. i read in a magazine when someone said 'what the fuck are you wearing' to this girl she'd say 'why the fuck do you care'. i love this fuck-you attitude that comes with youth. i love being the age where nobody really knows how old you are, nobody really cares, we're all young, here to have fun with our lives. drinking, smoking, fucking like there's no tomorrow - who knows tomorrow you could be dead. and who really cares, your living right now, you have your friends surrounding you, falling out but making up 2 hours later. weighing 7 stone and thinking you're fat, spending hours in front of mirrors scrutinising your ever changing body. being young. still believing all your problems can be solved by drinking, drinking to forget. drinking to have  good time. i love being this age, i never want it to end. here's hoping peter pan pays me a visit soon.